January 28, 2022

‏The top Asian teams meet tomorrow in the Asian Handball Championship semi-finals.

‏*Green fist seeks to win Bahrain and qualify for the final*

‏The semi-finals of the 20th Asian Handball championship which will start tomorrow, Saturday, January 29, 2021, hosted in the Eastern Province until January 31, as the Saudi national handball team seeks to qualify for the final after officially qualifying for the world championship for the tenth time in its history when they face Bahrain in the semi-finals of the tournament.

‏The game starts at 6 pm at the the Ministry of Sports Hall in Dammam, during which the Saudi team seeks to achieve a unique achievement by reaching the Asian final for the first time in its history, and achieving the third consecutive victory after surpassing the Korean and Uzbek teams in the main round of the tournament. The opportunity will big for Saudi Arabia as they play at home

‏In the other game, which will be held in the same round, Qatar and Iran will meet at 4 pm to determine the first party qualifying for the final.

‏*The journey of the four teams*

‏The Saudi team started their journey in the tournament by beating India at the beginning of the preliminary round, then Australia before losing from the group leader Iran and finishing as runner-up , to qualify for the main round in the first group. Which began by losing to the "title holder" Qatar, before rectifying their situation and overcoming the previous “ championship runner- up" Korea,

‏On the other hand, the Bahraini team topped Group D in the preliminary round after beating Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Hong Kong, respectively, qualifying for Group A in the main round, and being able to achieve the lead by winning in all its games over Kuwait, Iraq and Iran.

‏As for the "title holders" Qatar team, they started their journey by beating Oman in the third group matchups of the preliminary round, before beating Iraq and the UAE teams respectively, qualifying for the first group of the main round, defeating the Saudi and Uzbekistan teams and winning the points of the Korea team by withdrawing, qualifying for the semi-finals as the leader.

‏Iran qualified to lead their second group in the preliminary round after beating Australia, India and Saudi Arabia, and in the main round, they beat Iraq and Kuwait in a row before falling their first loss to Bahrain and end up as runners-up to the group.

‏*Stats from the tournament*

‏*Bahrain and Qatar without loss*

‏Bahrain and Qatar are the only ones who haven’t had any loss in the tournament so far, while the Saudi team lost in two games against Iran and Qatar, and Iran lost to Bahrain.

‏*Bahrain has the most goal scorer*

‏Bahrain is the most scoring team with (226) goals, followed by Jordan (198) goals, Saudi Arabia (181), then Iran (179), while Qatar ranks sixth (160) goals.

‏*Qatar has best defense and Bahrain has most saves for a goalkeeper*

‏The defense of the Qatari team is the most prominent among the four teams participating in the semi-finals, while the Qatari team received 87 goals, Bahrain comes second by receiving (119), then Saudi Arabia and Iran with the same number (140) goals, while Bahrain's goalkeeper led by Mohammed Abdul Hassan Al-Azal with (99) is a saves with 45.4%, and Qatar comes second with the presence of goalkeepers Bilal Labinica and Rashid Yousef with (70) saves by 44.50%, then goalkeeper of the Iranian team, Mohammed Ciafushisha stands out with (69), a saves by 33%, while the Saudi led by Mohammed Al Salem, saved (60) 30%.

‏*Al Salem has the most steals and scored most for Saudi Arabia*

‏ The player of the Saudi team, Mojtaba Al Salem, has the most steals in the championship by 8 equally with Kuwaiti Meshaal Al-Harbi and Iraqi Badreddine Hamoudi. Al Salem has also the most goals for the Saudi team in the championship (25) goals and occupies fifteenth place, while Indian Anket leads the top score

‏*Injuries hunt the Saudi team*

‏The Saudi team suffered a major blow by injuring four of its most prominent stars, who confirmed their absence from the rest of the tournament matches, Mohammed Abbas, who will be absent for a month due to a scratch in the crescent cartilage of the knee, along with Abdullah Abbas, who will be absent for 6 months due to a partial cut in the lateral ligament. While Ahmed Al-Ali suffered a rupture in the muscle , the other goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Halfan will perform resonance rays tomorrow, while the initial diagnosis indicates that he suffered a cut in the cruciate ligament, while the return of goalkeeper Amr Abdulsalam was confirmed after recovering from the coronavirus, where the results of the last test was negative

‏*Asian semi-final tickets sold out*

‏The organizing committee of the championship announced that all tickets offered to the fans in the semi-final has been sold out with the capacity of 2,481 seats for the general public and 450 seats for families in Dammam Hall.