January 22, 2022

At the start of the main round of the 20th Asian Handball Championship .. Green fist loses to Qatar

The Saudi handball team lost its first game in the main round of the 20th Asian Handball Championship against Qatar (19-34) in the game that was held on Saturday evening at the Ministry of Sports Hall in Dammam, as part of the competitions of the first group, which includes "Saudi Arabia - Qatar - Korea - Uzbekistan".
The first half of the Saudi team met Qatar lead by a score of (17-10), and in the second half, the Qatari team continued its lead in the game, despite reducing the gap at times, but Qatar ended the game by winning by 15 points, to lead the group with a points difference from the Korean team, which beat its rival Uzbekistan with a score of (31-21).

As part of the matchups of the second group, the Bahraini team also topped its group by beating its rival Kuwait by a large margin with a score of (15-29), on the other game Iran beat its rival Iraq by a score of (28-25).

As part of the ninth to sixteenth positions held at Prince Nayef Hall in Qatif, Oman won their game against Australia (10-0) by withdrawing after the absence of the Australian team, the UAE team beat India by a score of (31-21), while Jordan managed to beat Vietnam by a score of (29-40), and in the last game, Hong Kong beat Singapore (31-13).

Tomorrow, Sunday, will be rest for all competing teams in the main round, while the ninth to sixteenth positioning matchups will continue in Dammam, where Vietnam and India meet at 12 pm, and then Hong Kong will meet Australia at 2 pm, and the UAE team will face its rival Jordan at 4 pm, and the matchups will conclude at 6 pm with a game between Oman and Singapore.